The Popular Ionic Foot Bath: How it Works to Help Your Health

The Popular Ionic Foot Bath: How it Works to Help Your Health

When we first started Natural Medicine & Detox back in 2015, we did not offer Ionic Foot Baths. Dr. Fontes could not find scientific studies or evidence about how or if they worked. We had many people asking about them and if we offered them and we did not. 

It wasn’t until we met Christopher Cody, did we decided to try his Ionic Foot Bath device. After one ionic foot bath session, we felt a difference. We bought several of his devices and we are so glad we did! Today we offer them in the clinic, and we also rent and sell them. If you come in a get a foot bath and then decide to purchase a device, we will credit you back the amount paid for the service. 

Ionic Foot Bath at Natural Medicine & Detox

Meet the Inventor

One thing is clear, ionic foot baths can help people with all kinds of health challenges. There are many different devices out there, but we believe the one Christopher Cody is superior and we will explain why… keep reading. We hear so many stories from our patients on how the ionic foot bath treatment helped them and the testimonies keep growing.

There are no harmful side effects or chemicals used in the foot bath other than a little salt. The micro-current (zapper) will not affect the natural electromagnetic field given off by the body. However, the device is not recommended if you have a pacemaker or are pregnant.

How the Ionic Foot Bath works according to inventor Christopher Cody:

Christopher manufactures a unique Ionic Foot Bath device that combines an ionizing body detox for toxins and a microcurrent device for pathogens all in one unit. 

ionic foot detox at natural medicine & detox, phoenix, AZ
Ionic Foot Bath at Natural Medicine & Detox.

The ionizer creates negatively charged hydroxides in a basin of water. A direct current knocks off the negative electrons to separate the hydrogen and oxygen in the water molecule allowing them to escape into the air. This leaves negatively charged hydroxides in the water. This negative potential neutralizes the positive charge that magnetically attaches toxins, chemicals, and heavy metals to the body which allows the body to eliminate them.

These heavy metals, toxins, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals receive their positive charge via environmental positive ions discharged from transmitters of cell phone towers, HARP, Wifi, TV and radio binding them to healthy negatively charged cells. The positive charge must be neutralized so that the body can release these toxins. 

This is accomplished by passing 3-4 amps of current through the water with two stainless steel plates. The current of electrons dislodges the outer covalent electron from the water molecule which releases a hydrogen atom and converts H2O to a negatively charged OH molecule which is called a hydroxide. When two hydrogen atoms meet up, they become h2 which is hydrogen gas that bubbles to the surface of the water. The negatively charged hydroxides quickly neutralize the positive charge on the toxins and the body, within 1 to 48 hours after the treatment, can move them out by way of urine, feces, and sweat. Some toxins leave the body during the session through the pores of the feet. 

The microcurrent device uses stainless steel probes to flow electrons to various parts of the body. This process changes the body’s terrain and the bacteria, fungus, and viruses are no longer able to stick around. These probes can be held in your hands or placed on the body. These probes flow negative electrons which have the potential of dismantling the positive charge that viruses use to invade weak cells. This potential also helps the body get rid of parasites. Often people refer to this technology as ‘zapper technology’ or ‘parasite zapper’. 

Hulda Clark the creator of the ‘Zapper’ was a controversial alternative health practitioner who claimed that the use of a device called the “Zapper” could cure a wide range of diseases by eliminating parasites and toxins from the body. Unfortunately, she received a complaint and a permanent injunction for making such claims by the Federal Trade Commission, an independent United States government agency.

Note: The EarthTides ionizing body detox and microcurrent device will not heal you from anything. The magical component is your body. In many cases,  the body can heal itself with the right nutritional support and detoxing the body.  The ionic foot baths simply help to clean house and your body does the rest.

Come by for a foot bath or take one home for the entire family to use/enjoy.

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