An integral part of the practice of using natural medicines is homeopathy.

Suesan Johnson, CCH, C.HP



About Suesan

Suesan has been practicing Classical Homeopathy since 2019.  A graduate of the American Medical College of Homeopathy, she is certified by the Council for Homeopathic Certification with additional training in Homeoprophylaxis.  Her scope of practice includes acute and constitutional homeopathic health care for children and adults as well as HP educational program.

Prior to homeopathy, Suesan taught elementary education and holds a bachelor’s degree in Education from Arizona State University.  She continues to use her teaching skills to empower her clients on their health journeys.

Her homeopathic journey began when her youngest daughter was diagnosed with a chronic condition.  While searching for alternative treatments, she was fascinated by how effective and gentle homeopathy was when taken. 

“Our first homeopath was Dr. Ber. I was fascinated by the tiny bottles of liquids, the types of random, but very specific questions he asked and how the medicines we used worked so gently but powerfully. I wanted to learn more, so I went back to school and eventually became a certified homeopath. ” 

Suesan Johnson, Homeopath

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Homeopathic Success Stories…

Suesan Johnson, homeopath prescribing natural medicines

I have had the privilege to walk beside my clients in their health journey. 

There was the young woman who was struggling to carry a baby to full term. After several miscarriages, she reached out to me. Within a few months, she was again pregnant. I am happy to say — they just celebrated their second Father’s Day.

Another young lady  was referred by a  friend. She struggled with depression and  anxiety.  She was on medication but it was no longer working for her. She is  much improved, medication free, and learning new tools to deal with her stress and emotions including her past traumas.

An older gentleman was referred to me for depression and lack of motivation. The  only time he got  out of bed was to come in for his acupuncture treatment. He stayed in bed drank pots of coffee and soda. His wife would bring his food to him in bed. We worked together for a period of time.  He now is off riding  his motorcycle and working out. We hardly see him anymore, because as  he says, “he  is  too busy to make an appointment”. 

Being a homeopath is  bitter sweet — I really care for my patients, but I  know my  work is done when they no longer need  me and are able to  live their lives to the fullest, free from the restrictions of their limiting symptoms.  

What is Homeopathy/How Does it Work?

Homeopathy is a system of holistic medicine which seeks to stimulate the body’s  own healing mechanisms to correct the underlying imbalance itself. This is different than Allopathic medicine which tends to more lean towards pharmaceuticals and surgery.   

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