Wellness Starts With Self-Care: Put Your Good Health First

For both Men and Women, self-care is so important for overall health. The proverbial “put one’s own oxygen mask on before helping others” can be applied to all aspects of life, especially with regard to the primary caregiver role. 

Mom's need to think of self-care so they can be there for their family.

Women are often the ones taking care of the needs of their children and those around them. They often put others first and neglect their own basic needs, such as eating healthily, getting enough proper sleep and exercise, and addressing past trauma or stressors, as well as just spending time doing things they enjoy (reading, meditating, going out with friends). This can lead to unhappiness, lack of motivation, adrenal fatigue, and even worse, illness or chronic sickness.

It is a scientific fact that the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual selves need to be in balance for the body to function well. When these basic needs are met, the immune system is stronger and we feel/do better. However, when just one of these is not being fulfilled, that’s when the body can get out of balance and become vulnerable to emotional, mental, physical and spiritual attacks. It is important for every person, especially women, to be attuned to what their body needs (or doesn’t need) to be moving in the direction of healing. When we care for ourselves first, we are preparing to also take care of others.

Emotional stressors can show up as anxiety, depression/sadness or stress. Our emotions are what makes us human; it is our way to feel and interact with the world. Of course, there are many reasons why one experiences negative emotions, but there are things one can do to help manage them such as seeing a homeopath and getting the right homeopathic remedy, experiencing a method called Thought Field Therapy (TFT) to deal with anger or trauma, trying hypnotherapy to help with unknown issues or help break bad habits, and engaging in meditation or BrainTap. In addition to employing useful tools such as these, it’s also essential to have fun and build healthy relationships and be part of a community.

Emotional stressors can show up as anxiety, depression/sadness or stress.

It is so important to address your emotional body and to observe the state you are in. What are some of the emotions that you would be better off letting go? For example, frustration, anger, sadness or aimlessness may all be blocking us from bettering ourselves and improving the human experience. To let go of these emotions is a conscious practice, but when you put in the work you will see the results. Through tapping energy centers of the body by using TFT, the body is physically and emotionally able to release past traumas that may be the root cause of an unbalanced emotional state. Through TFT, hypnotherapy, breathwork, sound healing, meditation and other healing modalities, it is possible to transform residual negative emotions to feelings of gratefulness, beauty, certainty and purpose.

Mental issues can be more challenging because there are many factors that can cause unbalance. Some common overlooked factors are environmental toxins and nutritional deficiencies. For example, heavy metal toxins may contribute to depression, fatigue, memory loss, epilepsy, seizures and personality changes. Is your mental health issue resulting from the lack of nutrition or vital minerals? For optimal brain function, one needs the right amount of vitamin D, vitamin Bs (B1, B3, B6, B7, B12, B complex), folate and magnesium, among others.

Unfortunately, we cannot get all the vitamins and minerals from our food, so taking quality supplements and/or engaging in intravenous (IV) therapies (link to myers cocktail) is recommended. Signs of nutritional deficiency include lack of motivation, fatigue, brain fog and feelings of stagnancy. Our mental state seeks to be always learning, growing and evolving.

We cannot be mentally capable of taking on all of life’s happenings and obstacles without being compassionate to ourselves.

We cannot be mentally capable of taking on all of life’s happenings and obstacles without being compassionate to ourselves. Meditation is an amazing way to take a still moment for yourself to quite the mind and to just be in the fullness of your own presence. Meditation creates a space of inner peace. For this peace to be found mentally involves being there for yourself physically and assuring that the body is in a nourished state.

Physical body self-care involves eating organic and quality foods, exercising and spending time connecting with nature and Mother Earth. Walking barefoot (grounding) and detoxing the body from toxins and cellular byproducts are necessary for everyone. We live in a toxic world; our air, water and food are contaminated with chemicals and all kinds of harmful toxins. Helpful detoxification strategies include regular infrared saunas, colon hydrotherapy, acupuncture, homeopathy, and in some cases, IV therapies might be needed to clean up infection and get rid of heavy metals in the body. Detoxing the body improves the immune system, so it can do what it is designed to do naturally. A balanced-feeling individual has the capacity to help others with a clear mind and sound body.

Spiritual self is very personal and maybe the most complex. As we experience life, we are (or ought to be) constantly evolving and nourishing our inner self (our soul). Some people find/connect with their source through prayer, meditation, dance, speaking mantras, breathwork and/or reading spiritual books. Hypnotherapy can be helpful if a person is stuck and experiencing negative spirits or entity attachments.

The spiritual part of the self is where we develop altruism of our highest self. Over time, especially as women, we’ve moved so much into industrial and technological advancement that we have been losing touch with what it means to be fully present and to live in our spirit. To nurture your spirit is to practice what feels right to you. It is to practice presence and authenticity through the way you love yourself and the way you love others. It is to listen to your heart and to be true to yourself and the people you love.

By Suesan Johnson, certified homeopath specializing in acute and constitutional homeopathic health care for children and adults as well as the homeoprophylaxis educational program.

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