What is Colon Hydrotherapy (Colon Cleanse)?

Colon Hydrotherapy is one of the most effective methods for detoxification.

Think of it as an internal shower. 

This internal cleanse gently showers the large intestine, helping to release feces that have become impacted, trapped, or stuck in the bends of the colon. The water slowly enters the colon and when you will feel slight pressure or fullness, then it is time to release. This session is typically 45 minutes of water going in and waste going out. Bowel movements are the ultimate form of detoxification because they are eliminating toxins, unwanted bacteria, and other waste products the body doesn’t need. 

It also may help you lose weight!

We use the colonic irrigation LIBBE (Lower Intestinal Bottom Bowel Evacuation) open system. The open system is generally regarded as more comfortable and private than conventional closed systems. Unlike closed systems in which the water is pressurized, the LIBBE system is a safe and gentle gravity-fed system complete with ultra-violet water filter/purification, odorless venting, and automatic water temperature control. After receiving your initial guidance to use the LIBBE system, you, the client, are in control of your experience and given the option of privacy. 

Colon hydrotherapy is popular among people who are into alternative medicine or natural healing modalities but there are many people who never heard of it or have no idea what it is or why they should do it. 

Colon irrigation was extremely popular and widely used from the 1920s- the 1940s and was commonly seen in hospitals. Unfortunately, this therapy is no longer widely available in mainstream medicine, yet is offered in alternative medicine and holistic practices.

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Benefits of Colonics…

A healthy colon helps all the other organs to work better!

Drink lots of water 24 hours before your session so you are well hydrated.

Try not to eat 3 hours before your session.

Increased energy

Clearer skin & eyes

Mental clarity

Weight normalizing

Better digestion

Relief from bloating & heaviness

Promotes regular bowel movements

Reduces gas

Positive effects on intestinal gut flora

Detoxifies the colon

Improves immune function

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”An unhealthy colon makes the liver work harder and strains the kidneys. This results in an overload of toxic poisons that creates all kinds of health problems.” 

Suzanne Somers

Do you suffer from…

  • weight gain
  • constipation
  • hormonal imbalance
  • stress
  • migraines
  • diabetes
  • thyroid disruption
  • brain fog
  • depression
  • inability to sleep
  • chronic fatigue
  • body odor
  • bad breath
  • stinky gas
  • low-back pain
  • pain in joins
  • frequent illness

What will my first colon cleanse be like?

Colon Hydrotherapy: How many do I have to do?

Colon Hydrotherapy at Natural Medicine and Detox - coloinics

Tips for a Colonics

For two days prior to your session drink lots of water, eat vegetables and healthier foods rather than fried foods and red meats because they can slow the process. 

When you are fully hydrated, it is more likely you will have a better session and eliminate more fecal waste. 

To do this we recommend taking your body weight in ounces, dividing that number in half, and drinking that amount of water in ounces, 48 hours prior to the session. This will make the session easier and more productive. Lastly, we recommend that you don’t eat 3 hours before a colonic. 

After the session is complete, continue staying hydrated and eating healthy foods!  We do recommend 3 sessions close together like within a week if this is your first time or if it has been years since you did one. Often it is the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th colonic that you have a larger release. 

When is the best time to do a colonic during a cleanse?

Colon Hydrotherapy is part of our detoxing programs! Learn more….

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