What Is Cupping Therapy?

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Cupping therapy has been used for 1000s of years by different cultures all over the world. Cupping is simply placing a cup over the skin and providing negative pressure (decompression) and suction inside of the cup. This stimulates the skin and muscles and can be done on the body and face to increase circulation, promote cell repair, and improve overall healing. 

Benefits of Cupping

What conditions can be improved with cupping therapy?

Cupping can help…

…relieve chronic muscle soreness.

…athletes recover faster. 

…improve asthma, colds and flu symptoms.

…with scar tissue, both on and under the skin. 

…with inflammation and joint pain. 

…smooth out cellulite so it’s not as noticeable.

…collagen production in the face.

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What kind of cups do we use? 

Different kinds of cups can be used to produce the same effects. 

  • Fire cupping uses a flame in glass cups to get rid of the oxygen which creates a suction. 
  • Silicone cups are gentle and used by squeezing or pressing on the cup to create a negative pressure that is needed to seal and create suction. 
  • Plastic cups with a hand pump that sucks out the air to create a suction. 

What do the cups do?

These cupping methods can be used for pain, injuries (especially over large muscle groups), healing and strengthening the immune system. How it works is the suction expands the tissue and allows a lot of the metabolic waste to come to the surface so that the skin can kind of get rid of it and clean it out. And during that process, it’s also bringing up fresh blood, which holds oxygen and different immune properties to help heal the area oxygenate the area and speed up the recovery.

What do you do with the cups?

There are different ways to use the cups in cupping. 

  • Sliding cups, we place some lotion or oil on the skin and move the cups around. This can be very stimulating as there is a lot of pressure like a deep massage. 
  • Stationary cups are placed directly over a trigger point to really get into that area and help things move around. 
  • -Silicone cups are light and gentle. 

Does cupping hurt and leave a bruise?

Cupping does not bruise but it can leave a mark afterwards. Usually on your first cupping session, you will tend to be a little sore in the evening because that’s the first time your body ever experienced that sensation. After that, you’re usually not sore. And usually by the night, the end of the day, you actually feel a lot better because the body was able to go in there and use the immune system to help heal whatever aches and pains you’re having. The mark does stay there for three to seven days depending on how stagnant things are, how hydrated and how active you are.

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