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Body / Mind Therapy

The most important thing we do here at Natural Medicine & Detox is to enable our patients’ immune systems to self-regulate and heal by putting them in parasympathetic dominance. Parasympathetic dominance is crucial for healing to manifest, it is the relaxation state where we can rest, heal, and digest. To put it simple; the body cannot heal if it is stuck in the sympathetic condition of flight or fight.   

The Body / Mind Therapy Services at Natural Medicine and Detox include…

An adverse experience at any age can have lifelong effects, especially as a child. In some cases, abuse, neglect, or loss, can result in the destruction and disease of the body.  Some researchers such as The Adverse Childhooe Experience (ACE) Study found that children with such experiences have increased risks of…

  • Smoking, abuse alcoholism and/or drugs  
  • Depression and suicide attempts  
  • Broken bones  
  • Heart disease  
  • Lung disease  
  • Liver disease  
  • Multiple types of cancer 

At Natural Medicine and Detox, we understand how important it is for the healing process to address hidden emotions- anger, grief, sadness, trauma, etc…  The Mind Body connection has been well documented to prove that the Mind & Body are connected.  

“We all have cancer from time to time; cancer cells rise up and fall away. They disappear because our immune system is functioning well.”

Dr. Louella Crawford

Hundreds of studies prove that stress impairs the immune system, so it is vital to one’s health to manage current and past stressors. According to the American Psychological Association, stress can reduce the number of natural killer cells in the body needed to fight viruses.  

Mind / Body Therapies may help with…

Stress relief

Clearer thinking

Removing harmful toxins


Overall healing

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