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Natural Medicine & Detox Story

Since we opened our doors in January 2015, we have helped many people with their health and well-being. After 4 years at 301 West Roosevelt, we were forced to relocate as the building was coming down to make way for the Eco Phoenix Project.

It turned out to be a great opportunity for us as we purchased a 1940’s building in the lovely Coronado district, less than 3 miles away in the Uptown Phoenix area. We had to completely gut and renovate the inside, but after 6 months we opened our doors in September 2018.

This was a major financial undertaking and it wasn’t until April of 2022, with the help of a loan from Prestamos, part of Chicanos Por La Causa, that we started to fix up the exterior of the building. Half of the loan went to renovate the outside to include a block fence along 7th Street and concrete walkways. We also replaced the old awful (and toxic) asphalt with rock and started an organic garden with some fruit trees! With the rest of the loan, we purchased some new state-of-the-art medical equipment, BrainTap, UBI blood machine, and coming soon, we’ll have an Ozone Sauna! Stay tuned!

Helpful Holistic Healing

Many holistic health practitioners discover holistic healing because it is what helped them or a loved one get well. This is certainly the case for our founders, Dr. Fontes and Malissa Stawicki, and many of the other practitioners and people who work here.

The practitioners here at Natural Medicine And Detox are passionate about what they do and helping others achieve good health. In addition to offering a vast selection of healing services, and superior products, we understand the importance of educating our patients so they understand what is going on and what they need to do to be proactive in their healing journey.

Subsequently, this often includes lifestyle and diet choices. Our practitioners are extremely skilled and talented and the results they see are proof of this. We invite you to visit the pages of our team and watch the video’s so you can learn more about us. We also encourage you to read the testimonials that some of our clients wrote, to learn about their experiences and what helped them.

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Meet Our Natural Medicine Practitioners

Meet Our Team

Malissa Stawicki, holistic health, natural medicine advocate

Malissa Stawicki

Co-Founder, Holistic Health Advocate
Leticia Doebler

Leticia Doebler

Biller & Insurance Admin

Lindsay Truesdale


Call us for an appointment today:

Fax (602)307-1002

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