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Hydrogen Peroxide IV Treatment

Since the early part of the 20th century, doctors from Massachusetts to California had been doing intravenous (IV) hydrogen peroxide therapy. Everyone knows about that peroxide is used to cleanse dirty infected cuts and wounds.

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Just a tiny dose of peroxide, maybe a half a teaspoon in a bag of IV fluids can be amazing in helping our body to get rid of microbes, and issues that are sensitive to hydrogen peroxide.  

Peroxide has been known to manage overgrowth of Candida or yeast in the gut and other parts of the body. We can drastically improve our heath by excreting Candida microbes. 

We use precision measured pharmaceutical grade hydrogen peroxide, it’s not just something you buy over the counter. Peroxide IV therapy is never done fast, infusions are done over one to two hours to avoid irritating the veins in the body.

Studies of medical and scientific literature publications reveal that many of the following diseases and disorders can benefit from Hydrogen Peroxide IV therapy including…

Hydrogen Peroxide IV Benefits

Allergies & Asthma

Alzheimer’s & Parkinsons

Angina, Arrythmia & Cardiovascular Diseases

Cerebral Vascular Disease

COPD & Emphysema

Rheumatoid & Temporal Arthritis 


Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Acute & Chronic Viral Infections and more…

  • Candidiasis, Systemic Chronic Candida
  • Cancer, Metastatic
  • Cerebral Vascular Disease 
  • Chronic Obstructive Lung Disorder 
  • Chronic Pain Syndrome 
  • Chronic Unresponsive Bacterial Infections
  • Diabetes, Type II 
  • Epstein Barr Virus
  • Fungal Conditions
  • Herpes Simplex I and II 
  • Influenza
  • Parasitic Infections
  • Peripheral Vascular Disease 
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis 
  • Shingles 
  • Vascular Headaches

Peroxide therapy is quite effective in improving health outcomes, the first studies on peroxide therapy were done in Massachusetts General Hospital, on patients with the Spanish Influenza back in 1918. Peroxide therapy was able to cut in half the number of deaths from the Spanish Flu. 

Although it has been used successfully for over a century, peroxide treatment is not well accepted in hospital based conventional medicine.  It is our hope that more conventional medical physicians will be administering the on this safe and effective therapy that’s been around for over 100 years. Hydrogen Peroxide therapy is not just something you want to consider at home. Peroxide therapy is meant to be done under medical supervision and that’s why we’re here at natural medicine and detox. 

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