Ozone Therapies: IV, ear, nasal, rectal/vaginal, & skin

“When Ozone gas is introduced into the body it hyper-oxygenates the blood, supercharging your immune system. Ozone is an oxidative therapy made from medical grade oxygen. This is not the same ozone you hear about in the evening news relating to air pollution. Oxygen (O2) molecules when split with an electrical spark divide into Oxygen Singlets (O1) and Ozone (03). The therapeutic gas is 98 percent pure oxygen and 2 percent ozone and oxygen singlets. Ozone therapy floods the body with life-giving oxygen. Ozone gas is best known for its anti-microbial properties, which includes the destruction of bad bacteria, viruses, molds, yeasts, fungi, and other toxic substances.”

Dr. Fontes 

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