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Brain fog and poor memory function are probably the most popular reasons for people seeking out NAD therapy.

NAD is a powerhouse therapy for cognitive brain function. NAD stands for Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide.  NAD works on metabolism and ATP production providing nutrients to the brain to facilitate intercranial braincell to cell communication.  

Patients who have experienced NAD therapy have experienced Improvements in overall brain health, increases in cognition and neuronal brain activity. NAD plays a vital role as a coenzyme in energy metabolism DNA repair, epigenetic modification, inflammation, circadian rhythm, and stress resistance.  

Initial NAD treatments we pioneered in the field of addiction withdrawal and recovery, with results yielding up 80% decrease in withdrawal symptoms. NAD has been shown to be protective against cytokine storms in bacterial and viral infections. Recent studies indicate that NAD may also play a role in the metabolism and detoxification of toxins including numerous endogenous metabolites, drugs, steroids, carcinogens, and pesticides.   

NAD plays essential roles in…

NSD IV Therapy Benefits



Facilitates Cellular Energy Metabolism

Stiumlate DNA Repair

NAD is produced naturally by our bodies, and is quickly and quietly depleted in response to  the physiological responses to stresses of modern life. In addition, aging plays a vital role in age-associated NAD+ reduction. There is also exciting research going on around NAD and longevity where recent research indicates that NAD infusions can slow down the aging process … 

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