Got Stress? We Have Effective, Natural Ways to Get Relief

Got Stress? We Have Effective, Natural Ways to Get Relief

April is National Stress Awareness Month. However, most people experience stress all year long. Stress is the body’s way of letting you know life is out of balance. Effectively managing stress decreases the risk of illness and increases energy.  Ignoring stress may lead to many health problems, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, obesity, addiction, and diabetes.

Here are some recent statistics regarding stress experienced by people in the United States:

student stressed
High school and college students get stressed out during final exams!
  • General Stress Levels: A survey by the American Psychological Association (APA) highlighted that the long-term stress sustained since the COVID-19 pandemic began has significantly impacted well-being.
    • Chronic illnesses, especially among those aged 35 to 44, increased from 48% in 2019 to 58% in 2023.
    • Mental health diagnoses in this age group also rose from 31% in 2019 to 45% in 2023.
    • Younger adults aged 18 to 34 reported the highest rate of mental illnesses at 50%[1].
  • Significant Sources of Stress:
    • the future of the nation (68%)
    • violence and crime (61%)
    • U.S. debt (57%)
    • mass shootings (56%)
    • social divisiveness (55%)
    • health care (54%)
  • Mental Health Conditions:
    • In 2022, 23.1% of U.S. adults experienced a mental health condition.
    • 6% experienced a serious mental health condition.
    • 32.9% experienced both a mental health condition and substance abuse [2].
  • More U.S. Stats:
    • More than three-quarters of adults report symptoms of stress, including headache, tiredness, or sleeping problems. (American Psychological Association, 2019)
    • 80% of U.S. workers say they experience stress on the job. (American Institute of Stress)
    • Nearly half of all U.S. adults (49%) say that stress has negatively affected their behavior (American Psychological Association, 2020).[4]

For more information, refer to the sources listed at the bottom.

Getting Help to De-Stress…


Recently, Suesan Johnson, CCH, C.HP, one of our resident homeopaths, spoke at a local Dementia Support Group about the importance of self-care for caregivers…

While some may feel as though self-care is selfish in nature especially when taking care of a loved one, it is the opposite. Practicing self-care is a win-win. It allows you to be the best version of yourself, so you can be loving and compassionate with others.

The top five examples of self-care are:

  1. eat healthy
  2. stay hydrated
  3. exercise
  4. sleep
  5. stay connected

At Natural Medicine and Detox, we offer natural ways to help clients who suffer from acute or chronic stress and the illnesses associated with it. Acupuncture increases circulation, releases serotonin, and calms the nervous system. Homeopathy is a natural and effective medicine to reduce the symptoms of overwhelm and anxiety.  Both therapies stimulate the body’s own ability to restore balance and manage symptoms associated with stress and anxiety.

Suesan Johnson, CCH, C.HP

The idea is to deal with stress by addressing the root cause.

Other Stress Relieving Services We Offer…

  • If your stress is resulting from a traumatic event, trying Thought Field Therapy may help you get past it, move on, and heal.
  • BrainTap may also help through mindfulness meditation and can be done at home through their app. Call us to schedule a complimentary trial session.
  • Acu-Detox uses acupuncture to help detox.
  • You might also want to spend some time in our infrared sauna.
  • And of course, a soothing, de-stressing massage!

Whatever your source of stress is, call us and let us put together a de-stressing bundle for you…

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