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Chelation Therapy is Longevity Medicine.

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Did you know that in 2020 the top 2 leading causes of death in the United States were heart disease and cancer? If you are serious about reducing the likelihood that you will get cancer and/or heart disease you will want to investigate chelation. 

Dr. Fontes and Dr. Murphy, practitioners at Natural Medicine and Detox, are certified chelation practitioners by the American College for the advancement of medicine. 

The term chelation comes from the ancient Greek word chele which refers to a claw shaped mechanism. In medicine we use chelation for its ability to pick up toxins and toxic metals and safely remove them from the body. 

Chelation with its claw-like mechanism can grasp toxic metals like lead, cadmium, mercury, and arsenic, and excrete them through the kidneys, biliary and intestinal tract. Here are some common heavy metal toxicity problems.

Chelation IV Therapy – Heavy Metal Detoxing


Lead is one of the most prevalent poisonous toxins present in our air food and water. Lead can cause irreversible kidney damage and is stored in our bones can cause a lifetime of cognitive and emotional problems including memory loss and depression.


Mercury is a neurotoxin that is found in our air food and water, especially in fish. Exposure can cause neurological impairment, nervousness, high blood pressure, mood swings, muscle weakness, kidney malfunction, respiratory failure, and death.


Arsenic is a poisonous substance that can be in found in food, soil, and water. Long-term exposure to arsenic from drinking water and food can cause cancer and skin lesions.


Cadmium is an extremely toxic metal found in the air from the burning of fossil fuels such as gasoline. Also, from tobacco smoke inhalation. Cadmium can cause irritation of the nose, throat, lungs can cause kidney problems which may lead to death from renal failure.


Beryllium is used in cell phone production and has been recently found in our air, food, and water supply and can cause weakness, fatigue, breathing problems lung and skin disease.

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Chelation IV Treatment Procedure…

remove heavy metals chelation IV therapy

Before beginning chelation therapy, we need to know how the chelation can benefit you based on your body burden of heavy metal levels. With this thought in mind, the first thing we do is test for potentially toxic metals by provoking and measuring toxins through the urinary tract. 

Chelation also has been shown to distinctly improve the functioning of our cardiovascular system and arterial system. This IV therapy can also remove excess calcium deposits in the vessels around the heart.  With chelation it is possible to prevent strokes, heart attacks and coronary artery issues. When cardiovascular risk is established, we can also assist the body in reversing and reducing these risks. 

Typically, we recommended to do 20 chelation treatments over the course of six months or a year, and retest heavy metal levels. 

There has been an extensive Trial to Assess Chelation Therapy (TACT) within the last ten years. Chelation was performed on 1500 participants and showed a greater than 40% benefit the ability to reduce cardiovascular events including heart attacks and strokes.

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