Dr. Jonathan Murphy

MD, MD(H), Holistic Practitioner

About me

I am Jonathan Murphy MD MD(H) Doctor of Medicine and homeopathic integrative medicine at Natural Medicine and Detox. 


The human body has a natural propensity for restoring health, it is our goal to help you activate your body’s natural healing mechanisms. 

I am currently licensed by the Arizona Medical Board and the Arizona Board of Homeopathic and Integrated Medicine Examiners. 

In the year 2000 my board certification from the American Board of Holistic Medicine sparked my interest in nutrition and how the body’s natural healing mechanisms work.  

I learned so much about energy medicine and the routes in which energy can affect our bodies, positive thinking, homeopathic remedies, acupuncture for channeling energy through our meridians. I believe energy medicine is vital for us and that’s why we are here at Natural Medicine and Detox. 

What I do as a Holistic Doctor…

I got into holistic medicine because I found that practicing conventional medicine was not satisfying to me as a physician as much as actually finding out underlying causes and remedying the root cause of health problems. I no longer prescribe symptom relieving medicines but go for the root cause and it has been very satisfying. 

I work here at Natural Medicine and Detox with a great team of individuals. We all play our part and assist you, the patient, in getting healthier. Homeopathy is the heart of energy medicine, stimulating the body’s own innate healing to remedy the underlying problems. Our methods oftentimes involve Traditional Chinese Medicine assessments, traditional Chinese herbal remedies, acupuncture, nutritional supplements, and homeopathic remedies.  

The body can restore health and lower blood pressure. Lowering blood sugar is helpful to heal wounds and chronic illnesses. The body must have the right nutrition and the ability to get rid of toxins. We look for both toxicities and nutritional deficiencies We may assess you for toxins and find out if you could benefit from a specific detoxification process. We might test your body’s burden of heavy metals and assist in getting rid of them through chelation therapy, infrared sauna, colonics, and/or ionic foot baths. 

The ionic foot bath uses minerals and electrical current to pull out toxins through the large pores in the feet. The infrared sauna can penetrate deeply enough to bring out toxins from the under the skin layer and sweat it out. Colon hydrotherapy is a powerful way to eliminate toxins directly via the colon and large intestine. I’m glad to be working here and we’re all glad to be able to help you when you come in. 

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