Lindsay Truesdale


(Acupuncture/Chinese Medicine Student)

About me

I found Natural Medicine & Detox when I had just moved to Phoenix. I found a perfect, tucked away apartment and moved in with my dog, Aspen. At the time I was enrolled in a naturopathic medical school program, babysitting, and working in the lab at my school. I was excited to be working in the field of natural medicine, but little did I know how much I was going to learn over the next year.   


Soon after starting at the front desk of the clinic, it was confirmed to me that I wanted to understand medicine differently than how I was learning it at the naturopathic med school. The way we practice medicine at Natural Medicine & Detox (NMD) really resonates with me as a prospective healer. I felt a deep, reconnected desire to learn healing in the methods of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), specifically with acupuncture and herbs. I transferred to a new school called Phoenix Institute of Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture and enrolled into the Doctorate of Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine program. Now I am in my second year and am truly cherishing the journey of becoming a TCM physician.  

At Natural Medicine & Detox, I began to experience what it means to be on my own journey to full healing, which lies in addressing healing within all parts of myself – Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual. This last year was challenging and filled with lessons.   

Healing is a scary, crazy, and beautiful endeavor. I used about every modality at NMD and met with the physicians. Each one is skilled in their trade and have helped me in so many ways. Being with a team of healers, it is intriguing to understand their work, and to see and feel these things for yourself. Well, this included ozone IVs, acupuncture, NAD, ionic detox foot baths, colonics, infrared sauna sessions, and others. For my spiritual and emotional self, I have done sessions of Thought Field Therapy, Hypnotherapy, and most recently Reconnective Healing. Not only did I get to experience the healing that I always knew was meant for me, but I learned how to do the work, and how to find a place of true inner peace.  

I learned to become aware of what my physical body needed and its needs to stay in the direction of healing. I learned to address my emotional body and allow her to heal. I learned to address my Spirit and ask her to teach me and to take me where I’m meant to go. Natural Medicine & Detox teaches you how to be an advocate for your health and how to find and listen to your higher self. It is a great place to start and see where your journey takes you.  I’ve had many mentors in life but working at Natural Medicine & Detox has been such a gift. I get to watch healing happen every day and work with the best people doing it.   

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