What Is Wellness?

Wellness requires a holistic approach to health. It means finding a balance in life and is vital to becoming happy, healthy, and thriving in life. Balance refers to different areas that influence one another and affect our overall health, wellbeing, and quality of life. Here are some general factors that affect our wellness.

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It is common knowledge that regular exercise is necessary for overall good health and wellbeing, as is eating healthy foods that are organic. We won’t go into what kind of exercising one should do or what foods to eat (there are other Natural Medicine & Detox blogs that do that). Let’s consider basic standards such as getting enough daily exercise to raise our heartrate. We should also eat a good amount of organic raw fruits and vegetables every day.

Equally as important to overall wellness is our mental, physical, social, and spiritual wellbeing, these factors play a huge roll in our overall health and wellbeing (see our other blogs for more information).  

We live in a world of toxic air, food, and water and most of us are already aware of the importance of detoxification. Detoxification is how we help our bodies to get rid of toxic matter from our tissues.  Everyday toxins include dangerous chemicals, heavy metals, parasites, viral contagions, and harmful bacteria (see our other blog post and website for more information).  Most of us do not take into consideration our environment. The truth is that toxins are prevalent in our homes where we live, work, and play, they are in the water we drink and bathe in, the air we breathe, and the food we eat.

My personal story began at the age of 16 when I became a vegetarian, but not a healthy one. Most of what I ate was heavily processed junk food, until I moved to France at the age of 22. It was in France, where I learned about nutrition and how to eat healthy.  I later married a well-known nutritionist and trainer, which was a game changer for me. I worked out every day, ate all organic and had no processed foods for years.  After 10 years of living an extremely healthy life with a good balance of a healthy social life, I started to become very ill.  You might ask, how does someone who eats so healthy and lives a healthy lifestyle get so sick?


What got me sick was mold spores in the air I was breathing in. There are approximately 150,000 types of molds and they are present everywhere in the indoor and outdoor environment. I went to over 8 doctors, in London, Paris, New York and the Mayo Clinic in AZ and none of the doctors provided any help or relief. I discovered Holistic Medicine in Arizona and received a series of Hydrogen Peroxide IV’s, Chelation Therapy, Colonic’s, Infrared Saunas, Homeopathy and Acupuncture to get my health back.

Here at Natural Medicine and Detox, we offer many services to help just about any health issue. If someone has been exposed to toxic mold or has candida, we may recommend a series 10 hydrogen peroxide IV’s. Recently the Center for Disease Control (CDC) announced there is an emerging fungus that presents a serious global health threat. They said 29 states have reported a type of yeast called Candida (C. auris) that has been causing severe illness or death in hospitalized patients.


Overgrowth of Candida can be cause by taking antibiotics as they can destroy the good beneficial bacteria in the body, causing an overgrowth of the bad bacteria. Most prescription drugs have side effects and often they don’t even get rid of a problem but just keep it at bay…this is what we call the Band-aid approach. Beware, there are thousands of potential side effects when considering taking pharmaceutical medications.

Chemical & EMF Radiation

Other environmental toxins include chemical exposures, bug, and weed spray, or large levels of high-frequency EMF (electromagnetic fields) from nearby cell towers. Electrical panels (smart circuit breaker panels) behind the wall where we sleep or in rooms where we spend a lot of time in can result in a magnitude of exposure. These environmental toxins have caused many people to to have unexplained physical reactions.


Stress can also be very damaging to our immune system and overall health. Today more than ever, we have so many stressors. If we hate our job, if we have financial hardship, or don’t have much of a social life, these things can create not only depression but potentially result in physical illness. There are many therapies that can help lower stress such as acupuncture, homeopathy and BrainTap.  Be mindful that resolving the underlying cause of our imbalances needs to be addressed. Many people had found that a Life Coach can help us reach our personal goals and move forward in a positive direction.


If we have experienced abuse or trauma as a child and have not delt with it through therapy, it can keep coming up. Often, we repeat destructive patterns we learned in childhood. There is hope for all of us when we discover therapies such as Thought Field and Hypnosis. Let’s not forget that forgiveness for others and ourselves and learning to truly love ourselves and others can be the most powerful of all. 

For people who are struggling with their overall health and wellbeing, we recommend   a consult with Dr. Fontes. This 30-minute appointment, will leave you feeling more educated, empowered and with some recommendation of things you can to do to help yourself find a good healthy balance for your overall wellbeing.

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