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WHO can benefit from Acu-Detox?
Anyone and everyone who experiences a high level of stress in their daily lives. Especially those with Cravings, Addictions, Anxiety, Sadness, Irritability and Depression. So basically everyone…

WHAT  is Acu-Detox?
It’s just 5 tiny needles about the thickness of a human hair, strategically placed in auricular acupuncture points on the external part of your ear.

WHEN  should I get Acu-Detox treatment?
Whenever the anxieties and stresses of everyday life overwhelm you.  You can  come in once a week or once a day. We have never seen Acu-Detox  fail to bring the anxiety level down from a 10 out of 10 to a manageable level in just minutes. Smokers and those with substance abuse issues should come more often.

WHERE can I learn more about this? Can I become an Acu-Detox Specialist?
Yes, come on in and experience Acu-Detox for yourself.  (602) 707-0888 Natural Medicine and Detox  2701 N. 7th St. Phoenix Az, 85006.

HOW much does it cost? How does it work?

Lucky for you we’re running a special right now you can receive as many Acu-Detox treatments as you like for only $40. Acu-Detox works by throwing the switch in your brain and turning off your Flight-or-Fright response.
Acu -Detox can reset your central nervous system to your natural calm, centered and awesome state.

WHY hasn’t anyone told me about this before?
You were not ready yet, now you are. Come in for a tour of our amazing Natural Medicine and Detox Center, sample our organic cold-pressed juice of the day, talk to one of our knowledgeable staff and practitioners and experience all the benefits of Acu-Detox for only $40

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