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Are you always feeling tired?

Come in today for an Acugraph screening and find out what is blocking your energy!

Using the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine with unique, cutting edge technology, we can help identify what is blocking your Qi, or vital energy, and restore a healthy, energetic flow to your body and your life. 


What is Qi? (pronounced ‘Chee’)

Qi and Blood work together to supply the organs and tissues with oxygen and nutrients. Their healthy function maintains the vitality of the body. Blood is the carrier of oxygen and nutrients and Qi is the energy that activates its circulation.  Insufficient quantity or malfunction of blood circulation can result in pathological conditions. Usually this is from Qi not flowing smoothly, without Qi the blood has no force. If Qi is compromised or blocked, blood circulation is slowed down, causing sluggish organ function, fatigue and pain.


What are Acupuncture Meridians?

 Acupuncture meridians are internal energetic pathways deep in your body that operate similar to a highway.  They have three unique functions:

  • They provide the circulation of vital energy, blood and nutrition to the internal organ systems, maintaining their functional activity.
  • They are the connection between the surface and the internal parts of the body as well as the connection between the upper and lower and left and right sides of the body.
  • They conduct informational impulses and signals to the internal organs.|

So when these pathways become blocked it interrupts the free flow of Qi and interferes with internal organ function as well as poor impulse conductivity, resulting in pain, fatigue and manifestation of disease.



What are Acupuncture Points?


Acupuncture points or ‘biologically active points’ are special places of entry and exit on the meridians which connect with the internal organ systems. Studies have shown that these points have specific features and conduction which empower them to increase oxygen absorption and elevate the metabolic process.  Some points are more active than others and are found on the wrists and ankles, they are called Source points. These are the points specifically measured during your AcuGraph Screening.  There are 24 Source points total and each one represents a different meridian.



What is the AcuGraph?


The Acugraph is a Digital Meridian Imaging System which uses a computerized probe to measure the level of energy on the Source points of each meridian. This tells us specifically which meridians are blocked which are causing pain and imbalance in your body. We then customize a treatment plan tailored to your individual AcuGraph Screening Report.


After a treatment plan is created, future screenings will show your progress and tell us if any areas still need attention.


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