Addiction recovery requires an individualized approach. Getting off alcohol or drugs is one thing but staying off them is another.

Nutrition & Detoxification

We can help speed up the detoxification process and make the withdraws less painful with IV’s, detox services and emotional support. However, our main goal is to create a uniq plan for long term recovery.

Each person has different needs and we only work with clients who are in our level of care. The ideal person for our program is someone who is functioning in life. Professional people who are working but want to get off substances and improve upon their quality of life.

Most other detox programs use drugs to get off drugs. Here at Natural Medicine And Detox, we help our patients to fix their problems; whether emotional, physical and or spiritual.

To see if we are a good fit, a consultation with Dr. Fontes is required. It is a 30 minute consult and costs $40. Unfortunately insurance plans do not cover holistic programs such as ours.

Myers Cocktail IV treatment therapy, Natural Medicine and Detox, Phoenix, AZ

Individualized Treatment Plans

Acudetox is acupuncture in the ears. It is a relaxing 30-minute treatment which helps with opening up the body’s detoxification pathways. It is often used to help people dealing with addiction calm down enough to be open to getting help.

BrainTap features harmonizing tones synchronized with gentle light pulses that travel through the ear and the retina, sending direct signals to the brain and guiding you into deep relaxation. 

The Ionic Footbath is a 45-minute treatment aiding in toxin elimination for the body helping you to feel more grounded.  

Colon Hydrotherapy (colonic) is a 45-minute treatment that we refer to as an “internal shower” which gently cleanses the large intestine to help eliminate built up waste making you feel lighter and can bring clarity of the mind

The Infrared Sauna is amazing for the skin and is a powerful way to detox. You get the health benefits in as little as 20 minutes but have up to 60-minute to enjoy the sweat! 

The Myers Cocktail is probably the most sought-after nutritional IV. 

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