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It is no secret that Natural Medicine and Detox is a huge fan of Dr. Garry F. Gordon.  He is quoted or mentioned in just about every alternative health book that we have and admire, including Suzanne Somers new book TOX-SICK, From Toxic to Not Sick. In addition to being known as the godfather of chelation (process of removing heavy metals from the bloodstream), Dr. Gordon is also a specialist in anti-aging and detoxification. In addition to celebrity clients, he also consults for very serious health conditions such as stage 4 cancer.

In a recent interview that we did with Dr. Gordon, he states as a fact, that we all have heavy metal toxicity and need to get the lead out of our bodies. This is because of the world that we live in today in which our air, water, and food are all contaminated.

The good news is, there are things that you can do to get rid of the heavy metal toxicity in the body. Where you start should depend upon your level of toxicity. Foods, natural therapies, and supplements may be enough to detox from heavy metals, however, if your levels are high you might want to consider chelation IV therapy.

You can get tested for heavy metals such as arsenic, cadmium, lead, mercury, or uranium to see what your levels are. Having this information will help you make informed decisions about how to have the best health possible. We are running a $465 special that includes: 1 hour initial consultation and provocation test, urine kit and labs; as well as a follow-up appointment to review labs and discuss treatment recommendations.

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Natural Heavy Metal Chelators (Oral)

There are many foods and supplements to help your body get rid of heavy metals and chelate naturally. Zeolite, vitamin C, cilantro, chlorella and parsley are just a few. Of course you need to buy quality products that are organic or in the cleanest and purest form possible.

In our organic raw juice bar, we offer heavy metal detox options such as zeolite and vitamin C.


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