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Sabrina Wooden

Sabrina Wooden

Colon Hydrotherapist

Sabrina Wooden has been a holistic practitioner for over 15 years and works as a massage and colon hydro-therapist performing neuromuscular and myofascial release, medical massages and other natural modalities.

Holistic Continuing Education opened her consciousness to the concept that food is really our medicine and the key to life. Understanding that life begins and ends in the gut made it imperative for her to share this information with others. Her goal is to aide others to become proactive in overcoming their health obstacles and make lifestyle changes that will impact their lives forever.

She became a certified colon hydro-therapist in 2014 with one goal in mind.

Everyone can take control of their own health once they know how.

Her favorite quote: “When people know better, they do better! – Maya Angelo