Elizabeth Joseph

Certified Holistic Nutrition Specialist

Elizabeth is certified nutritionist, life coach, living foods chef and colon hydrotherapist.  She is passionate about everything relating to nutritional food and general well being. She has attended seminars, classes, retreats and volunteered any opportunity to learn about the amazing healing power of raw food from renowned experts such as David Avocado Wolfe, Dr. Gabriel Cousens, Dr. Douglas Grahm, Matt Monarch and others. Over the years she got to work with and learn from many talented raw chefs, doctors and educators, and today enjoys sharing what she has learned with others.
Elizabeth uses her knowledge and passion to help others make better food choices and live healthier lives. She does this by going food shopping to showing her clients what foods are good for them and how to read labels. When needed she will also go to a client’s home to show them how to prepare a healthy meals.She combines her nutritional knowledge of food, herbs and essential oils together with her experience as a colon hydrotherapy, to enhance gut health; which can be the key to managing blood sugar levels, weight gain, food cravings, digestive and other health issues.