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Angela Smutek

Holistic Mind Body Wellness Practitioner/ H.H.P., Holistic Healthcare Practitioner Nutrition and Transformation Coach


Angela H.H.P. is a certified Holistic Healthcare Practitioner at Natural Medicine and Detox.

Angela’s journey to holistic health began in 2009 when she found out that she had pre-cancerous cells in her cervix along with an auto immune disease that caused her to lose 30 pounds in only 4 months. Because her body was not reacting well to any of the treatment and she quickly went into stage 2, her doctor scheduled an emergency surgery in the beginning of the year 2010, After recovery Angela completely changed her diet and found out she had a true passion for organic and holistic way of living. She obtained her degrees at South West Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe and graduated in 2016.