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Hydrogen Peroxide IV treatments have helped eliminate symptoms and even cured chronic
disease and acute illnesses. Antibiotics can have destructive systemic side effects
that Hydrogen Peroxide IV treatments do not have. Watch the video below for Ann’s
personal testimony on how this treatment eliminated chronic illness and her acute
symptoms of Pneumonia.

Hydrogen Peroxide IV Therapy for Pneumonia, Cold, Cough, Flu…


Heart Attack & Stroke Victim: Thrives With Alternative Therapies

Sometimes the best way to learn is from others. Hear how Jimmy got off all of his
medications he was taking after three strokes and a heart attack. In this video
he tells you what he did to get and stay healthy.

Chelation, Hydrogen Peroxide, Plaque X Treatments Saved My Life

Chelation, Hydrogen Peroxide, Plaque X Treatments Prevent Heart Attack & Strokes

Interviews where filmed by Malissa Stawicki at Dr. Josephs office in Scottsdale,
AZ. Sadly, Dr. Joseph passed away in 2015 and he is greatly missed.
Malissa Stawicki
Business Development & Marketing Director
Natural Medicine & Detox Center

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